Story About Us

Change is not a simple task. The journey of every great innovator was long, hard, and often clouded in failure. For over 27 years, students at Iowa State University have been dedicating their lives to developing revolutionary solar powered vehicles. To be honest, it has not been a smooth road. PrISUm has built upon our faults and has been fueled by our successes to achieve something greater. Through our journey, PrISUm has touched the lives of thousands of individuals. Over the years, the question has persisted “Can I own a solar powered car?”. In the past, we have had to say no. Today, we are tired of this response. Instead of waiting, we have taken it upon ourselves to change the paradigm of transportation.




The Midwest's Most Prestigious Solar Car Team

PrISUm is a student-led organization founded in 1989 on a heritage of advanced technology, innovative design, and a passion for beating the competition.
Over the past quarter of a century, PrISUm has developed 12 award winning solar vehicles.
It is our mission to build a practical solar car that changes the paradigm of transportation. In doing so, we strive to inspire future generations to pursue their passions through education.


The American Solar Challenge
The World Solar Challenge
Formula Sun Grand Prix


Matt Goode

Project Director

Dylan Neal

Assistant Project Director

Steven Abramsky

Design Director

Jeremy Rurup

Mechanical Director

Rachel Pick


Ben Pieper

Electrical Director

Faculty Advisers

Dr. Emmanuel Agba

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. James Hill

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Dr. David Ringholz

Industrial Design

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