Giving back to the community is an important commitment of Team PrISUm. Year-round, PrISUm members tour the midwest United States visiting elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and community events in an effort to educate the masses about renewable energy, STEM, and the importance of education. Team PrISUm reaches an average audience of 50,000 people per year while participating in events as small as a classroom field trip to our garage or as large as participating in the Des Moines Concours d'Elegance. While on outreach events, team members explain the process of designing, manufacturing, and racing a solar powered vehicle.

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Sun Run

An annual tradition of Team PrISUm is to participate in the SunRun, a weeklong event dedicated to outreach. While on the SunRun, the team travels over 1,000 miles and across the state of Iowa in an attempt to visit as many schools, sponsors, and events as possible.

Whether it's a lecture, garage tour, personal visit, or participating in the SunRun, be sure to invite PrISUm to your next event.

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