Why Donate?

As an industry partner, you will be joining us on a mission to make an impact on the future. Our program is continually developing broader international prestige and, as an industry partner, you will be displayed as a key contributor to the success of PrISUm and our project. The vehicles PrISUm manufacturers require a large number of custom components. These components take large amounts of time, money, and dedication to complete. By the time Eliana is finished, operating expenses will exceed $500,000 for the three-year project. While this is a large overall goal, your donation is what makes this dream become a reality. By donating to PrISUm, students will have the opportunity to combine what they learn in the classroom with real-life problem-solving. Additionally, your donation will allow PrISUm members to travel to local schools and other outreach events to educate future generations about the importance of STEM and renewable resources.

How Can I Donate?

While monetary donations allow PrISUm to invest in the world’s most advanced technology, over two-thirds of our project donations are in the form of time, materials, or labor towards the team. Whether it is a machinist milling suspension components or a cash donation, there are several ways to become an essential partner of the team.

How Does Your Donation Help?

By donating $50, PrISUm can pay our travel costs to local schools.
By donating $100, PrISUm can pay for one trip to our composites shop at Delta Airlines in Minneapolis.
By donating $250, PrISUm can order the nickel used in our battery pack.
By donating $500, PrISUm can manufacture 50 module boards for our battery management system.
By donating $5,000, PrISUm can purchase insurance for our vehicle.
By donating $10,000, PrISUm can pay the entrance fee for the Formula Sun Grand Prix.