Support Team PrISUm

Why Donate

As an industry partner, you will be joining us on a mission to make an impact on the future. Our program is continually developing broader international prestige and, as an industry partner, you will be displayed as a key contributor to the success of PrISUm and our project.

The vehicles PrISUm manufacturers require a large amount of custom components. These components take large amounts of time, money, and dedication to complete. By the time Penumbra is finished, operating expenses will exceed over $750,000 for the two-year project.

While this is a large overall goal, your donation is what makes this dream become a reality. By donating to PrISUm, students will have the opportunity to combine what they learn in the classroom with real-life problem solving. Additionally, your donation will allow PrISUm members to travel to local schools and other outreach events to educate future generations about the importance of STEM and renewable resources.

How Can I Donate?

While monetary donations allow PrISUm to invest in the world's most advanced technology, over two thirds of our project donations are in the form of time, materials, or labor towards the team. Whether it is a machinist milling suspension components or a cash donation, there are several ways to become an essential partner of the team.

How Does Your Donation Help?

By donating $50, PrISUm can pay our travel costs to local schools.
By donating $100, PrISUm can order one solar cell.
By donating $250, PrISUm can order 1 tire for our vehicle.
By donating $500, PrISUm can manufacture 1 battery module.
By donating $5,000, PrISUm can purchase insurance for our vehicle.
By donating $10,000, PrISUm can pay the entrance fee for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.
By donating $35,000, PrISUm can purchase a 1 way ticket to Australia for our vehicle.


What makes a better gift than a piece of a solar car? Adopt a part of our next solar car today! Once we finish racing, certificates and tires will be sent to our supporters.
*Tires will only be sent to adopt-a-tire donors
Adopt-a-SolarCell - $100
Adopt-a-Tire- $250
Adopt-a-Battery - $500