P7 Spectrum


After an incredible summer, Team PrISUm has chosen to once again build a new car for the next race – American Solar Challenge 2003! Our goal is to build upon our past 12 years of experience design and construct a car capable of earning first place in ASC 2003! As the new project director for the team and a member of this summers’ race crew I am grateful to all of our supporters who made the extra effort to wish us good luck. One of the most encouraging aspects of the race was our devoted “groupies!” I had a ton of fun speaking with former alumni and ISU supporters about our program and the university. I hope to see a similar turnout, if not larger, in two years! Our progress in the design aspects of P7 has so far been exciting and fast-paced. We have chosen an accelerated timeline to leave room for more testing before the race, and thus our design process is well underway! With the tragedies of September 11th still fresh upon the public’s’ mind, fundraising has been more challenging. We are facing significant budget cuts, in order to meet our deadlines. However half the challenge of building a solar car is raising support for this incredible program, and Team PrISUm is ready to tackle every challenge between now and the finish line!

Pulled from the 2001 SunDial article written by former project director Valerie Sanderfur


Vehicle Specifications

Weight: 550lbs
Chassis: 6061-T6 Aluminum space frame
Batteries: 494 lithium polymer batteries
Solar Array: 2564 Solar Cells outputting 1400 watts
Motor: NGM in-hub DC brushless, 18hp

Where’s it at now?

Spectrum was donated to the World Famous Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, South Dakota. Want to see Spectrum in person and learn more about the World Famous Pioneer Auto Show? Check out their website!


FSGP/ASC 2003 – FSGP 2004

2004 Formula Sun Grand Prix: unknown
2003 American Solar Challenge: 18th place
2003 Formula Sun Grand Prix: unknown

The 2003 American Solar Challenge started in Chicago, Illinois and ended in Claremont, California along historic Route 66.

The 2003 and 2004 Formula Sun Grand Prix was held at the Heartland Park race complex in Topeka, Kansas.