P4 ExCytor


Vehicle Specifications

Weight: 940 lbs
Chassis: Chrome-moly steel
Length: 19.7 ft
Width: 6.6 ft
Height: 3.6 ft
Batteries: Lead-acid
Solar Array: 850 Monocrystalline EFG Solar Cells; 1100 Watts peak
Motor: DC brushless chain drive, 4hp

Where’s it at now?

ExCytor was donated to the Stillwater Area Public Schools. Students at the school rebuilt ExCytor in conjunction with their math and science classes. Want to see ExCytor in person and learn more about how the Stillwater Area Public Schools utilize the vehicle? Check out their website!


Sunrayce 97

Sunrayce 97: 26th place

Sunrayce 97 started in Indianapolis, Indiana and ended in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  • Day 1: Thu, June 19: Start in Indianapolis, Indiana; finish in Terre Haute, IN.
  • Day 2: Fri, June 20: Start in Terre Haute, IN, must reach Effingham, Illinois checkpoint, finish in Godfrey, IL.
  • Day 3: Sat, June 21: Start in Godfrey, IL, must reach Louisiana, Missouri checkpoint, finish in Fulton, MO.
  • Day 4: Sun, June 22: Start in Fulton, MO, must reach California, MO checkpoint, finish in Lee’s Summit, MO.
  • Rest Day: Mon, June 23: Lee’s Summit, MO.
  • Day 5: Tue, June 24: Start in Lee’s Summit, MO, must reach Topeka, Kansas checkpoint, finish in Manhattan, KS.
  • Day 6: Wed, June 25: Start in Manhattan, KS, must reach Glasco, KS checkpoint, finish in Smith Center, KS.
  • Day 7: Thu, June 26: Start in Smith Center, KS, must reach Oberlin, KS checkpoint, finish in St. Francis, KS.
  • Day 8: Fri, June 27: Tue, June 27: Start in St. Francis, KS, must reach Anton, Colorado checkpoint, finish in Limon, CO.
  • Day 9: Sat, June 28: Start in Limon, CO, finish in Colorado Springs, CO.