P11 Hyperion


This is an exciting time to be a part of Team PrISUm. We have a lot of momentum coming off a solid finish in our last competition and we currently have the most well-rounded and dedicated group of student members since I joined the team nearly four years ago. The mechanical, electrical, and business divisions have all shown an impressive ability to meet tough deadlines with high quality work. As a result, many projects are far ahead of the schedule followed for our last two cars. While Team PrISUm emphasizes the importance of vehicle testing time before our competitions, for the first time since I’ve been at Iowa State, it actually looks like the car might have significant testing time before the race. I am pleased to announce that the name of our next solar car will be Hyperion. In Greek mythology, Hyperion is a Titan and the father of the sun god, Helios. Team PrISUm has made great strides this semester towards finalizing the design and beginning manufacturing for the new car. However, we have a busy semester ahead of us to bring Hyperion to life and enter the testing phase of the project, where the vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems will be optimized before its first competition in July. In addition, we will continue our outreach and education efforts throughout Iowa and the greater Midwest. This is a personal priority of mine because I believe our team can provide valuable information to the public about innovations in renewable energy and sustainable transportation. In October, the team manufactured its aerodynamic composite body. We have already acquired many of the key components needed to build the vehicle including the efficient mono-crystalline silicon solar panels, MPPTs, high capacity lithium ion batteries, low rolling resistance tires, shocks, the steering rack, and raw aluminum. The analysis of the frame and suspension is currently being finalized and we expect to begin manufacturing early in the spring semester. Over the past year, the electrical division has redesigned every circuit board on the car to improve reliability and add functionality. They are currently testing the latest batch of new boards on the bench. Finally, the business team has done a phenomenal job of ensuring that we have the money to keep the project forging ahead at this accelerated pace. Team PrISUm depends on the support of new and returning sponsors to finish our next generation solar car and I hope that you will consider making a contribution to help ensure that Hyperion can live up to its full potential.

2011 SunDial – Evan Stumpges


Vehicle Specifications

Weight: 480lbs
Chassis: 6061-T6 Aluminum space frame
Batteries: 3.5kWh Lithium-Ion
Solar Array: 391 SunPower C-60 Monocrystalline silicone, 22.3% efficiency, 1200 peak watts
Motor: NGM in-hub DC brushless – 18hp

Where’s it at now?

Hyperion was donated to Appalachian State University in 2015 to start App State Solar Car Team. After receining the car App State rebuild Hyperion into Apperion and raced against the team in the 2015 Formula Sun Grand Prix and 2016 American Solar Challenge. Want to learn more about Apperion and Appp State SVT? Check out their website!


FSGP/ASC 2012 – FSGP 2013

2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix: 3rd place
2012 American Solar Challenge: 2nd place
2012 Formula Sun Grand Prix: 2nd place 

The 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix was held at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

The 2012 American Solar Challenge started in Rochester, New York and ended in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Day 1: Sat, July 14: Start in Rochester, New York; must reach stage stop in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Day 2: Sun, July 15: Start in Erie, PA; must reach Mansfield, Ohio checkpoint.
Day 3: Mon, July 16: Finish in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Day 4: Tue, July 17: Start in Ann Arbor, MI; must reach Kalamazoo, MI checkpoint.
Day 5: Wed, July 18: Finish in Normal, Illinois.
Day 6: Thu, July 19: Start in Normal, IL; must reach Verona, Wisconsin checkpoint.
Day 7: Fri, July 20: Finish in La Crosse, WI.
Day 8: Sat, July 21: Start in La Crosse, WI; finish in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The 2012 Formula Sun Grand Prix was held at the Monticello Motor Club in Monticello, New York.