What Is Outreach?

Team PrISUm attends many events across the state of Iowa in order to educate the public about the importance of sustainability and our goals as a team. Our top priority is to show people the future of transportation and the importance of renewable energy sources such as solar power.

Lives Touched

PrISUm takes great pride in both the number and diversity of people we reach. After each event we attend, present members give their best estimate to the number of people we meaningfully reached. This number is then recorded and added onto the previous number. This practice dates back to generations of cars ago as our organization puts emphasis on giving back to the community.

Why We Do Outreach

In order to change the future of transportation, it is necessary to educate the leaders of tomorrow on automotive innovations. Through our outreach efforts, PrISUm reaches over a quarter of a million individuals annually. Invite us to your next event and be the spark that creates the next Thomas Edison or Elon Musk.

Sun Run

SunRun is an annual Team PrISUm event in which we drive the solar car around the state of Iowa promoting STEM education, showing off the car, and getting communities excited about sustainable transportation.

In 2016, we conducted a 1,000 mile trip through the central region of the state and reached over 17,000 people. We stopped at schools, community events, visited our partners, and even participated in a parade! The overarching purpose of SunRun is to do outreach with local communities. This event is special not only because of its scale, but also because of the level of interaction the public can engage in with both the solar car and the students that devoted their time and efforts to help design, build, and race it.

We are currently in the process of finalizing the schedule for SunRun 2017.

Invite Us

Hosting an event and want to create a truly memorable experience for your guests? Invite PrISUm to your next outing and learn first hand how Iowa State University students are changing the paradigm of transportation. Please give us at least three weeks notice before the date of your event.

Virtual Outreach

Unfortunately, PrISUm can not make it to every outreach event we are asked to attend. While we try our hardest to be there in person, occasionally we are constrained due to distance or prior commitments. To resolve this issue, members engineered a solution that allows PrISUm to visit your classroom or workplace virtually. Email the team at outreach@prisum.org to find out how you can tour our facilities and see our vehicles while learning how and why solar powered vehicles are the future of transportation.

Where We'll Be