P6 Odyssey


Vehicle Specifications

  • Mechanical
  • Weight: 200kg

  • Length: 5.5m

  • Width: 1.88m

  • Height: 0.85m

  • Chassis: 6061-T6 aluminum space frame

  • Electrical
  • Batteries: Electrofuel lithium-ion

  • Motor: NGM in-hub DC brushless, 18hp

  • Solar Array: 3080 ASE - Germany Solar Cells 1300 Watts peak

Where's it at now?

Odyssey was donated to the World Famous Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, South Dakota. Want to see Odyssey in person and learn more about the World Famous Pioneer Auto Show? Check out their website!

Pioneer Auto Show


FSGP/ASC 2001 - FSGP 2002

2002 Formula Sun Grand Prix: unknown
2001 American Solar Challenge: 16th place
2001 Formula Sun Grand Prix: 5th place

The 2001 American Solar Challenge started in Chicago, Illinois and ended in Claremont, California along historic Route 66.

The 2001 and 2002 Formula Sun Grand Prix was held at the Heartland Park race complex in Topeka, Kansas.

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