SunRun 2017

Published on 2017-06-28 by Ago LoBello

This past weekend marked the end of #SunRun99, PrISUm’s 99 county tour of Iowa which kicked off on June 2nd with the unveiling of the Penumbra.

Cy posing in front of Penumbra at the unveil

When we planned this event, it seemed like a monstrously complex task to visit every county in our home state. This feat could not have been accomplished without the help of Iowa State University Extension Offices, Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS), our phenomenal partners who graciously hosted SunRun stops, and all the community members. The involvement we experienced from our community truly motivated members like Joey Anderson who recalled how they felt during their stint on SunRun.

"The look in the eyes future generations when they became inspired by the car and knowing that we made an impact across Iowa by showing off our solar car made every day of SunRun absolutely fantastic"

Unveil Event

Outreach is one of the pillars of this organization. At one point, every member of this team was inspired to choose the path of STEM and pursue changing the paradigm of transportation through PrISUm Solar Car. Smeet Mistry, a member of our team, captured it best when he said

"The best part of SunRun is seeing the look of wonder and excitement on a kid's face. When they grab a hold of the steering wheel, or drag around the map on the infotainment system, or peer through the side view cameras on the dash and you see their faces just light up. That's what makes SunRun special and so important."

SunRun has allowed us to personally connect with so many members of our community in meaningful ways. We had so many engaging conversations and really enjoyed showing you all what we’ve been so diligently working on all year.


The success of this event drives us all to do our best work and what we learned during this tour of Iowa will be invaluable as we pivot ourselves to prepare for Australia. We received valuable input from members of the community and developed new ideas for how to further improve Penumbra to insure we take home first place at competition.

Unveil Event

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